Holiday Parks

A long-awaited treat for families and groups who need a well-earned break, your holiday park must consistently exceed the anticipated standards of cleanliness and comfort.

With fierce competition and high expectations at stake, Hygenex is your ticket to a healthy reputation which keeps bookings coming.

A Breath Of Fresh Air For Communal Spaces

Busy communal areas can require almost constant attention to keep them clean and fresh, especially during the hot, summer months. Take the stress out of housekeeping with automated solutions which sanitise the air and keep it smelling fresh, every minute of the day.

A Gleaming Reputation

An outbreak of illness at your park would be nothing short of catastrophic. You need to know that your cleaning solutions work.


Hygenex innovations are not only hospital-grade but can have their level of protection measured. From antimicrobial coatings that can be detected with a UV light, to air purifiers using powerful UV lamps, you will be empowered to clean with confidence.

Further Your Efforts

Hygenex products are concentrated, making them powerful enough to kill bacteria while also covering large surface areas. Antimicrobial coatings can cover 200-300 door handles and around 500 light switches, while UV air purifiers can keep cleaning for over 9000 hours without any input from your staff.