No matter which healthcare sector you’re working in, infection control is a pressing concern.

For clinicians who provide care in a home setting, such as domiciliary care, these concerns are often heightened.

  • What if you need to deliver care in a setting that is not well-equipped, making the spread of infection far more likely?
  • Perhaps you need to visit several locations in a single day. Could you spread illnesses between your service users?
Hygenex is here to protect your clinicians and patients, making the provision of care work easier and more effective across a variety of settings.


Save Time and Improve Efficiency

Hygenex products are designed to be quick and easy to use, so clinicians can save time when they need it most.

However, our products ensure that no corner is cut when it comes to infection control – even when time is limited. Proven strength and effectiveness is a hallmark of Hygenex, allowing exceptional results to be achieved every single time.