When it comes to providing a high standard of education, supporting the health and wellbeing of your school or college community is essential.

Hygenex products use hospital-grade technology to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, giving you the confidence that pupils and staff are protected from infectious illness.

Hard-Working Technology That Provides 24/7 Protection

Keep your school hygienically clean from the moment the bell rings, without the need for constant attention from your caretakers. From autonomous UV air purifiers to antimicrobial surface coatings which last up to six months, Hygenex provides exceptional cleanliness day after day, term after term.

Promote A Healthy Learning Environment That Gets Results

When classrooms and corridors are fresh and clean, your pupils and teachers feel the benefit. With the support of Hygenex, you’ll provide well-kept environments that are inspiring to learn in, as well as destroying the germs that cause sickness-related absenteeism.

Maximise Your Budget

In bustling schools and colleges, bacteria and viruses spread fast. You need an infection control solution that’s built for the challenge, while still providing excellent value for money.

Hygenex products are powerful enough to provide maximum protection, while being safe to use without any specialist training. Our expert formulations ensure that you get the most from every application, preventing the waste and inefficiency of weaker solutions.