Go Above And Beyond With Market-Leading Infection Control Solutions

Your busy dental practice has high standards to uphold. With Hygenex, you can provide exceptional levels of hygiene while also saving valuable time and increasing efficiency.

Support The Best Possible Outcomes

You always strive to provide great care for your patients. By using Hygenex’s hospital-grade hygiene solutions, you can be confident that every procedure is performed in a clean and safe environment, without the need for additional labour.

Invest In Innovation

From antimicrobial sprays which shield surfaces against COVID-19, to UV air purifiers which kill bacteria in the air, Hygenex products use the latest innovation to protect your dental practice against invisible threats. When using our expert healthcare technologies, less is more – less volume of product, less application time and far greater results.   

Provide Ultimate Peace Of Mind

A practice that smells fresh and is visibly clean will put your patients at ease. Our products work harder for longer, without the need for continuous re-applications or manual input. So, you can focus on what matters most – tending to the needs of those in your care.