Protect Your Clients And Therapists With Medical-Grade Infection Control

Clinical beauty procedures demand clinical levels of hygiene. Hygenex can help you to dramatically increase the safety of the services you provide, without the need for intensive training or an increased workload.

Save Time

For fast-paced clinics, time is of the essence.

By using the advanced technology of our eco-friendly wipes, sprays and UV air purifiers, you can provide unparalleled levels cleanliness without any delay between appointments.

Protect Health

It’s your duty to provide a safe environment for your clients and clinicians.

Hygenex products provide a powerful defence against bacteria and viruses, while also being safe and simple to use, without the need for specialist training. That’s why we’re trusted by hospitals all over the world.

Boost Your Reputation

Let your clients know they’re in safe hands, from the moment they step through the door.

From UV air purification systems that leave your environment smelling fresh, to antimicrobial coatings which protect surfaces for up to six months, Hygenex lets your professionalism shine.