We believe that medical-grade hygiene should be available to all.

From dentists to beauty technicians and teachers to care workers, being in a position of trust means providing a healthy environment for those who use your services.

Hygenex products combine clinical levels of care with ease of use and impeccable results, so you can always be confident that your staff and patrons are protected.

No medical training required.

Your team are experts in their profession. Using Hygenex products will form part of their daily diligence but won’t require specialist training in order to produce medical-grade results.



Build efficiency.

When time is of the essence, you should never compromise on quality – especially when providing a healthy environment for those you work with and for.

Hygenex products are designed for fast-paced settings which depend on quality, so your standards needn’t be stretched by limited time. In fact, they can actively improve.

Experience true value with products that really work.

Sub-standard hygiene products will cost you money.

From antibacterial sprays which require several layers of coverage, to wipes which must be bundled to avoid tears, economy products are wasteful at best – and ineffective at worst.

Hygenex is proud to demonstrate true quality alongside proven results, which will equip you with great value in every single application.


We serve every market that values exceptional hygiene, including:

Healthcare | Dentistry | Education | Beauty
And many more.

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Hygenex provide exceptional support to care professionals around the world with our powerful and reliable hygiene products. From fully flushable wipes to antimicrobial coating sprays which protect surfaces for up to six months, clinical levels of hygiene can be provided even in a home setting.

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