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UVMATIC Plus air purification system


The UVMATIC® Plus is a portable, industrial strength air purifier which will expertly remove bacteria and bad odours from your environment. 

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UVMATIC Plus – the portable, industrial-strength air purifier from DDC Dolphin. It is light and easy to carry. A built-in timer can be programmed to disinfect either continuously or in 10-minute increments. Using UV and ozone technology, the UVMATIC® Plus provides a natural solution to the problem of drugand chemical-resistant micro-organisms. It destroys viruses such as influenza as well as E.coli, salmonella and similar bacteria.
Recommended for hospitals, care homes and hospitality facilities around the world, the UVMATIC® Plus removes bacteria and odours in the air and on surfaces. It eradicates viruses, bacteria, mould and volatile organic compounds. This technology doesn’t merely filter out the bacteria – it actually destroys them.

The UVMATIC® Plus uses two powerful UV lampsUsed in medical and hospitality facilities around the world, the UVMATIC® Plus brings expert UV air purification to all industries which understand the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and fresh. Whether used for one off-cleaning of a room or included in your daily cleaning regime, the UVMATIC® Plus prevents the spread of airborne illnesses and creates a healthier environment for all.

Dimensions: 531 x 132 x 103 mm.