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The UVMATIC® is a wall mounted air purifier, ideal for use in bathrooms, corridors or any area that is susceptible to bad odours and airborne bacteria.

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Completely automated and chemical-free, UVMATIC is the perfect solution to eliminate odour and reduce harmful bacteria on hard surfaces. A hospital-grade solution which is suitable for all markets, you can trust UVMATIC to destroy bacteria in your environment without the need for specialist training or arduous additional cleaning regimes. In fact, UVMATIC makes it easier than ever to meet the exceptional standards of hygiene which you expect.

UVMATIC uses powerful UV and Ozone technology to cleanse the air of viruses such as influenza, as well as E. coli, salmonella, and similar bacteria. Not only will the power of UVMATIC kill odour and defend health, but its environmentally friendly technology will protect the planet, too.

Dimensions: 401 x 131 x 91 mm.