Could Your Choice of Sluice Room Chemicals Increase Outbreaks of Infection?

11th Feb 2021

We all want to do our best for our patients, even in the most challenging circumstances.

With the ongoing effect of a pandemic alongside the ever-present threat of HCAIs, the pressure on hospitals to keep patients safe from infection continues to rise.

Although tucked away from patient view, the sluice room is a hidden asset with an important part to play in protecting health.

By ensuring that human waste is hygienically disposed of, sluice room machinery provides a pivotal role in stopping the spread of dangerous infections. Even respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19 are known to be transmitted through waste, as well as gastrointestinal infections like e-coli.

Out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind, however. Your sluice room may not be exposed to many visitors, but it should still be put under the microscope by all infection control teams at your hospital. Every element of your infection prevention procedure should be heightened in this environment, from carefully transporting soiled items to your sluice machines, to ensuring those machines are well-maintained.

You may think that you’re already ticking all the right boxes but, with budgets remaining tight, the importance of sluice room chemicals is often overlooked.

It’s important to realise that not all chemicals for pulp macerators and bedpan washers are of equal quality. This disparity in quality can lead to patients being inadvertently put at risk.

Could your choice of sluice room consumables be increasing outbreaks of infection? Let’s discuss the biggest culprits and find out.

Off-Brand Macerator Disinfectant and Bedpan Washer Detergent

Sluice machine manufacturers, such as Hygenex’s parent company DDC Dolphin, are experts in infection control. When a machine is made, the entire infection control process is considered. This includes the maintenance and lifetime performance of those machines.

As such, sluice room machinery such as Pulpmatic macerators and Panamatic bedpan washer disinfectors are designed with specific, complimentary consumables in mind.

When you use a consumable product that’s formulated specifically for that machine, you’ll help to avoid preventable maintenance issues that cause unexpected downtime. This downtime is devastating to your infection control procedures, forcing you to lean on less efficient methods of waste disposal and ultimately creating an environment where infection can easily spread.

Economy Chemicals

We all know that budgets need to stretch as far as they can. As sluice room consumables aren’t in plain sight, this could be perceived as an easy place to save money; but what’s the real cost?

Economy products are cheaper than trusted brands for a reason. They are often weak and poor quality.

As these chemicals lack the strength of a premium product, you will often require far larger volumes to achieve the desired result. This negates any benefit in regard to the cost, creating poor economy long-term and contributing to less efficient sanitisation of sluice machines.

Inconvenient and Wasteful Supply Processes

Off-brand chemicals often require you to manually monitor stock levels and estimate your need. This time and effort is yet another cost associated with budget solutions, before you even consider the potential for under- or over-ordering.

By using the consumables recommended by your sluice machine manufacturer, you’ll tap into their expansive knowledge of your account, as well as their maintenance expertise. They’ll know the volume of chemicals required for your machines to perform at their best, as well as how frequently you will need deliveries based on your individual usage.

By looping your chemical needs into your sluice machine manufacturer, you’ll get precisely what you need, when you need it – as well as the assurance of quality consumables at a good price.

Hygenex Sanitisers Will Protect Your Patients from Hidden Consumable Threats

For facilities using pulp macerators or bedpan washer disinfectors, the right consumable chemicals are critical to ensure they continue to function correctly and keep your patients safe from infection.

Hygenex sanitiser products have been carefully formulated to complement the DDC Dolphin range of sluice room machinery. Not only do they aid in the effective disposal of waste and help to prevent the spread of HCAIs, but they also provide ultimate peace of mind that your sluice machines are performing at their optimum.


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