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A subsidiary of infection control company DDC Dolphin, Hygenex hones 30 years of experience in medical-grade sanitation solutions to create high-quality and versatile hygiene products across a wealth of sectors.

Protecting health has always been fundamental to our wellbeing. However, with global concern for how we shield ourselves against bacteria and viruses coming to the fore, we must take hygiene more seriously than ever.

Hygenex ensures that the advanced hygiene solutions favoured by hospitals around the world are also available for wider commercial and domestic use, offering an unparalleled level of defence for yourself and those under your responsibility.

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Our products are designed to provide quick and effective results, while also being simple to use and maintain.
Similarly, we pride ourselves on creating sustainable technology that won’t put the planet at risk for the sake of our own health.



Our innovations include the UVMATIC® Air Purification System, which destroys viruses such as influenza and coronavirus, as well as E. coli, salmonella, and similar bacteria.

It’s also proven to be highly effective in removing unpleasant smells in areas such as bathrooms and hallways.

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Hygenex Recoat Coating System Trial Pack Products

In addition, the Recoat® Antimicrobial Coating System cleans and protects by applying an antimicrobial layer to hard surfaces.

This results in up to six months of protection against dangerous illnesses such as coronavirus.

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When equipped with Hygenex products, you needn’t waste time and resources on weaker alternatives which don’t provide the level of cleanliness you need. Rather, you will have the peace of mind that your health is protected, while also creating an environment that is luxuriously clean and fresh.

With help of Hygenex, you can create a healthier future with the best of technology available today.