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The result of over 30 years of infection control experience, Hygenex is proud to introduce medical-grade consumable hygiene products that are suitable for all.

From nursing to education and dentistry to beauty therapy, we have a duty to protect those in our care from illness. Our range of innovative products are designed to be both extremely effective and exceptionally simple to use, so you can provide healthcare standards of cleanliness across a range of environments, without the need for additional training.

Our diverse range of products – including antimicrobial sprays, cleansing wipes and hand sanitisers – are united in their advanced specifications and environmentally-friendly formulations.

Hygenex cleanliness is clinical cleanliness.

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Medical Grade

Our products are trusted by medical facilities globally, whilst being suitable for use at home & across a wealth of non-medical sectors. No training required!



Ultimate Trust

Whether you’re responsible for patients, clients, students, visitors or family, Hygenex products are an assurance that your environment is clean and safe.



Proven Results

Our range of products are tried and tested, giving you the data and the evidence that you need to support your hygiene choices through your business.


Featured Sector


Hygenex provide exceptional support to care professionals around the world with our powerful and reliable hygiene products. From fully flushable wipes to antimicrobial coating sprays which protect surfaces for up to six months, clinical levels of hygiene can be provided even in a home setting.

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